company settled in the automotive industry and our business is aimed towards design and manufacturing of high precisión and complex injection molds from thermoplastic parts.

Every tool is different and fits to a part model given by our customer, in an entirely customized way, in accordance with his needs. This is our leading competitive advantage: the manufacturing of exclusive and high requirement products, on time and with a short price.”


“Infamol, S.A. has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to achieve a more competitive business fabric and thanks to which it has gone to the trade mission to South Africa and Mozambique to promote its internationalization. This action took place in October 2018. For this, it has had the support of the International Promotion Program of the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia. “”

A wey to make Europe.
International Promotion Plan IPP

Custom molds

With an experience that takes along more tan 40 years in automotive sector, but with a young company dynamics, INFAMOL offers a maximum quality product, supported by the highest quality certificating entities and, of course, the best service to our clients and their needs.

Besides, with productive facilities on Spain and Mexico, INFAMOL is able to compete in both markets leveraging the best of both environments.