In this department is where we make the part machining and the manufacturing of the electrodes that, later, we will use in the EDM process. Each machine is linked up with Engineering computers via a high speed net ETHERNET, making easier the data transer between both departments.

One of our more important technological bets along last years, is the expansion of the High Speed Machining as far as possible in the machining procedures. Therefore, we should expect a great promotion of this department in the short-term, following the current trend: more machining and less EDM.

Infamol Spain

2 Machining Centers 760x400x500
1 Milling Machine CORREA 2000x1000x1000
1 Milling Machine CORREA 2500x800x800
1 High Speed Center MORI-SEIKI 1050x530x510
1 High Speed Center AWEA 2000x1200x760
1 High Speed Center OKUMA M560-V-e 1050x560x460
1 Center 3+2 axis 4000x1200x1200

Infamol Mexico

1 Machining Center HASS VM6 1620x810x760
1 Machining Center HASS VM3 1010x660x635
1 Milling Machine CORREA 1800x800x800